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Call us! We can help out in planning. We go beyond food and events.


Optimum event management.

Your occasion can be the best in town with our advanced techniques and styles. 


Specially made and healthy meals.

We put the health of our customers into consideration. 


Using the best recipe.

A great recipe is the key to any great meal. 


Affordable cakes.

Everyone deserves a cake, a piece of cake is a piece of joy.


Train with us.

We can make you become a professional caterer and event manager. 


Baking made easy.

Learn how to bake by watching our videos online. 

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Who We Are

An organization that caters, coordinate events and coach aspiring people in the hospitality industry generally. With over 15 years of experience, we are one of Nigeria’s finest event management companies, our application of rare methodologies made us stand out. We have served many clients who continue to patronize us, because they believe in us and what we do.

There are 4 departments in the organization, each serves a special purpose.

  • Cheflizzy Kitchen – this is the kitchen department  where meals and other delicacies are prepared and sold under the Cheflizzy Food Souk franchise. It covers all aspects of culinary, drinks and desserts.
  • Events Plus – executes all events related operations of the organization.
  • EJ Treasures Academy – this department trains people in the area of catering and event management. The academy also controls the Junior Chefs Academy for kids and teens.
  • Cheflizzy Foundation – this is the board tasked with our charitable works, where we try to assist and empower people with less privilege in the society to become self-reliant through various free skills acquisition programs sponsored by the foundation.
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Cheflizzy food souk

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Want to know why we’re master event planners? It’s because we have a unique ‘Event Psychology’.

Understanding guest’s behavior and modelling a proper way to best manage an event and cater for everyone without mistakes.

Let us help you out with your plans…

Using an expert to plan and execute your event will serve as a mental souvenir, such event will be in the permanent memory of guests for they shall never forget attending that special occasion where everything was properly organized or planned with no flaws – that makes it Event+.

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Inside the ‘Cheflizzy Kitchen’

Well furnished with adequate hygiene for the production of mouth watering delicacies which include cakes, cup cakes, cookies, breads, continental dishes, smoothies, mocktails, desserts and lots more.

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Cheflizzy Kitchen, culinary, cake baking

We’re concerned about your health.

It is important to make food serve as a medicine, we understand this, which is why we use extreme care or caution when selecting recipes for use in our kitchen. Cheflizzy Kitchen supports your health!

Chocolate cake


We have a wide collection of cakes you can use for birthday, wedding and any other occasion. All at affordable prices.

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Live life to the fullest with one of these. Very healthy, 100% natural, no artificial flavours.

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Banana Smoothie


Ease digestion with one of our desserts. All at cheaper rates.

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Chef Lizzy teaching a woman how to make a cake.

Learn how to bake a cake.

In EJ Treasures Academy you can be taught how to bake a cake plus other small chops. We can also train you in the field of event catering and management. Children as well can learn certain culinary skills in our Junior Chefs Academy.

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Cheflizzy Foundation

Every year we train more than 1,000 people in different skills acquisition programme which include cake baking, small chops, shoe making, digital marketing etc. Sign-up for our newsletter below to get updates for the next event.

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    students learning how to make a shoe at Chef Lizzy Foundation free skills acquisition program


    See our work and achievements.

    how to build a successful catering business

    Get Required Education

    Education is important for any chosen career, you may possess home taught culinary skills, but to make your catering business successful you should get a professional training.

    Produce Quality Food

    Good food quality is one of the most crucial keys to a successful catering business, this should not be handled carelessly.

    Be Outstanding and Competitive

    There are many catering businesses in existence, but you can stand out from the rest by giving yours a special touch, try to enhance your menu and the services you provide.

    Offer Great Customer Service

    The main or primary focus of catering is the food generally, but a successful caterer should also render excellent customer service that goes beyond just food.

    Have A Diversified Menu

    The kinds of food people enjoy are as diverse as the people themselves. In order to satisfy them all or meet their demands you should offer a variety of foods from different cultures and backgrounds.

    Enhance Marketing and Networking

    Marketing is important for any business. Promote your catering business through social media, word of mouth or peer to peer, and online event planning forums. Try to build a website or create a blog for instance, the internet can be harnessed for business growth.

    Tips on how to make food serve as medicine.

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    Eat different food combinations.

    Combine as many food types or varieties as possible to make a balanced diet. 

    Avoid excessive fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol.

    Stay away from food items with too much fat, it is dangerous to health, especially in adults. 

    Eat foods rich in starch and fiber.

    Endeavor to take meals that contain both fiber and starch as they will supply enough glucose to sustain the body. 

    Avoid excessive sugar and sodium.

    Foods that contain too much salt and sugar may cause adverse health conditions like diabetes, it is good to watch out for such. 

    Take alcohol in moderation.

    If you’re the type that takes alcohol do so in moderation, abuse of alcohol is medically proven to cause health related challenges.