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…beyond food and events

At EJ Treasures we go beyond just serving food and managing events. Having over 15 years of experience, we are passionate about what we do which is the reason why we always employ absolute creativity to meet the expectations of our customers.

We are one of Nigeria’s finest event management companies, our application of rare methodologies made us stand out. We have served many clients who continue to patronize us, because they believe in us and what we do.

Our Mission: Delivering excellence and impacting lives positively through diverse initiatives.

Our Vision: To see people live a good and healthy life through what they eat or consume.

Organizing an event should not be a burden, that is why we are here. Let us plan your next event to make it an Event+.

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Better together

The organization has four departments which operate differently, but still in collaboration for an overall success. See them highlighted below.

  • Cheflizzy Kitchen – this is the kitchen department  where meals and other delicacies are prepared and sold under the Cheflizzy Food Souk franchise. It covers all aspects of culinary, drinks and desserts.
  • Events Plus – executes all events related operations of the organization.
  • EJ Treasures Academy – this department trains people in the area of catering and event management. The academy also controls the Junior Chefs Academy for kids and teens.
  • Cheflizzy Foundation – this is the board tasked with our charitable works, where we try to assist and empower people with less privilege in the society to become self-reliant through various free skills acquisition programs sponsored by the foundation.

Meet the Chef

Elizabeth Shodipo, popularly known as Chef Lizzy is the founder and Managing Director of EJ Treasures. An alumni of the University of Lagos in _______ class of ______. She was a former …… in. Chef Lizzy is a source of inspiration to many as she touches lives through the regular skills acquisition programs sponsored by her foundation – Cheflizzy Foundation. Several people learned the art of cake making through her outreaches, you can also benefit from her teachings by enrolling in EJ Treasures Academy or watching online tutorials.

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Spirit of collaboration

In our campaign to ensure people live a better life through what they eat and becoming self reliant, Cheflizzy Foundation regularly holds an event to that effect. You can become our sponsor or facilitator for the next program. Contact us or request newsletter.

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